Consignment Terms & Process

New England Home Furniture Consignment can only function with you, our most valued customers. We need your unique, high quality furniture and home décor that is in excellent condition. You may be tired of your furniture, need to downsize, relocating, or have inherited pieces that do not fit your style or space, but there are thousands of people looking for exactly what you are looking to dispose of. NEHFC’s goal is to provide the finest pre-owned merchandise to our customers while satisfying your desire for the quickest sale and maximum return on furniture and home décor.

We have set high standards for what we want to display in our showroom because we want to offer our customers the quality and style that they are looking for without having to sort through items that could be found at a thrift store or yard sale. We take great care in selecting the best items that will fit into our gallery and we inspect each item carefully to maintain our standards. We must see your furniture items before accepting them into our gallery, basing our decisions on customer preferences, what tends to sell best, availability of space and marketability of items. To increase the opportunity of having your items accepted and for maximum profit please polish, clean or repair your items before bringing them in.

Although you do not need an appointment to bring your home décor items to the gallery, please read the following steps in consigning with us.

Steps in Consigning

1.  Approval of Your Items

In order to determine if your items are the right match for our gallery, please consult the list of items we accept. For larger furniture items and décor that cannot be brought into the store easily, please email pictures to that depict your items accurately. Include the following information along with your pictures:

  • First & Last Name
  • Phone Number/ Cell
  • Address
  • Description of Item
  • Original Purchase Price
  • Where & when did you purchase this item?
  • Manufacturer
  • Material (Type of Wood, Genuine or Bonded Leather…)
  • Condition (Include any defects)
  • Will you require this item to be picked up?

In-home appraisals are available if you have an estate full of items that you are interested in selling.

2. Delivery of Items to Gallery

Once your larger furniture items are pre-approved, you may bring them in at a scheduled time during regular business hours. If your items are not as they were represented in the pictures you provided, you may have to take them back. If you are bringing in larger furniture items please make sure to bring extra hands to safely unload your items. If you are unable to get your items to the gallery on your own, or you prefer us to do this for you, we can arrange a pick-up appointment.

3. Pricing

Once your items have arrived in our gallery NEHFC will determine the prices based on the information you provide. Our intention is to accurately determine the correct value of your items and price them in a manner that provides a fair and appealing value. Prices will be set and based on information such as manufacturer, original purchase price, as well as consideration given to buyer demand, popularity, condition, and style. It is in everyone’s best interest to price items at fair market value with the ultimate and realistic goal of selling each item within the first month of consignment.

Although your input will greatly help establish prices, our consultants reserve the right to price your items at price-points that they deem fair and that reflect our present gallery prices. All items that we accept will be appraised and given a price that is suitable for the current market. New England Home Furniture Consignment believes in listing merchandise at an attractive price right from the beginning. If an item is priced too low it is not fair for you, yet it will not sell if it is priced too high. Our competitive prices result in quick sales so you can receive maximum profit and get paid quickly.

4. Consignment Agreement

New England Home Furniture Consignment (consignee) will enter into an agreement with you, the seller (consignor) that outlines the terms that will apply during the 120 day consignment period. Once this agreement has been signed the consignment period will begin. For a complete understanding of the terms we offer please read our Consignment Terms below.

 5. Payment

You will receive 50% of the sale price of each item. Consignor checks will be available for pick-up on the 5th day of the month following the sale of your items the previous month. If checks are not picked up by the 12th, they will be mailed. Store credit may be used immediately following the sale of your items.

 6. Termination of Agreement

Our consignment term is 120 days. Most items will sell within the first month and hot items will even go on the first day. You may pick up your items anytme before the end of the 121st day of the agreement.

Consignment Terms

Once we have accepted your items and our agreement has been signed the following terms will apply:

  • Our consignment period lasts 120 days.
  • NEHFC offers a 50% split of the final sale price of each item sold.
  • After 30 days all items are marked down 10%. If an item remains in our gallery after 60 days it will be marked down an additional 10%. After 90 days the item will be marked down to 50% of the original price. In addition to these automatic markdowns we also offer our customers additional promotional discounts and hold special sales that may include your items.
  • NEHFC does not accept negotiations or any other offers from buyers.
  • Checks are available on the 5th of each month for items sold the previous month and may be picked up any time during regular business hours.
  • NEHFC offers different terms for crafters who are interested in selling their custom pieces. We offer 60% profit split to our crafter consignors. All in store sales and promotions apply to these custom items. Consigning with NEHFC is a great way to build your business and provide maximum exposure!