Selling with NEHFC

Selling and consigning with New England Home Furniture Consignment is a profitable and convenient way to pass on the furniture and home décor you no longer want or need. Most importantly, we offer a safe option with no hassles where you will avoid strangers in your home, no-shows for appointments, insulting low offers, on-line scams and payment frauds. We believe that consignment is the best way to take care of our environment, decorate our homes and protect our pocketbooks.

New England Home Furniture Consignment is very proud to carry only the finest quality of new and pre-owned furniture. If you are interested in passing on your furniture and home décor because you are moving, relocating, downsizing, inheriting, or ready for a new look, give us a call or send us an email. Please refer to our guide on What We Love! for a list of items that we are currently accepting in our gallery. If you wish to consign larger pieces of furniture our policy is to first send digital pictures and information about your items to

If you need assistance delivering your furniture consignments to the gallery, we offer a professional pick-up service so you don’t even have to leave your home- It’s that simple. Once we pick up your furniture, we will bring it back to our showroom, photograph it, price it, display in our showroom and advertise using forms of social media such as facebook. Every item that you consign with us will be professionally merchandised in our beautiful showroom where we guarantee it will look great and sell quickly. With your furniture and the shopping experience we offer our customers, you can be confident that your items will sell quickly!

The following information will help with your decision to consign with us, ensuring that you have a pleasurable, profitable and positive experience. See our Consignment Terms and Process for details on how to sell with us and the services we offer.

It’s Simple!

We take care of everything for you so passing on your furniture and décor is EASY. From moving to pricing, advertising to selling, we save you valuable time and hassle.

It’s Safe!

When you sell with New England Home Furniture Consignment you will be choosing a safe alternative to advertising your items on personal listing sites, allowing strangers in your home which puts you and your property at risk. Avoiding internet scams and fraud, accepting bad personal checks, fraudulent cashier checks or counterfeit money, arranging endless appointments through newspaper or classified ads, and having to help move these heavy items IF someone decides to buy, are all excellent reasons to let us do the hard work for you. Praying for good weather and hosting a yard sale with haggling customers is another option, but really? You will be guaranteed payment when your items sell and a ton of work will be eliminated.

Family Owned & Friendly Staff

We pride ourselves on our customer service and making you happy is our most rewarding experience. Our goal is to include you among our family of loyal customers, becoming partners for many years to come. Your beautiful pieces, coupled with great marketing and sales representation is what will sell your items!

Location! Location! Location!

We have the perfect location for selling your furniture & home décor. Conveniently situated on one of the busiest thoroughfares in Worcester County, NEHFC experiences tens of thousands of cars driving by our gallery every day! Our 6,000 square foot showroom is literally 3 minutes from other major routes such as I-290, Route 20 and the Mass Pike. We serve customers from multiple towns in Worcester and Middlesex County and we are fortunate to have thousands of buyers exposed to your professionally displayed items in our high traffic showroom. We are open Tuesday through Sunday and provide maximum exposure for our customers’ viewing opportunities.

Superior Advertising & Marketing Exposure

Reaching out and advertising your consignments is a top priority, so we are active on social media networks such as facebook and we frequently advertise in newspapers, classifieds, yellow pages, and are a part of common shopping directories online and in printed brochures, which all contribute to maximum exposure to every type of customer. We are also popular choice for purchasing furniture and home décor among professional groups such as interior decorators, designers, house flippers, real estate agents and dealers.

Trusted Security & Video Surveillance

New England Home Furniture Consignment has invested in an extensive and reliable security system to protect your merchandise, and our 24 video surveillance and motion sensing systems will ensure that you can feel confident that your items will remain safe and secure.

Fair Pricing Consideration

Because we are partners we value your opinion and welcome your input. In order to offer the best prices for customers that are also profitable for you, we work together combining your personal knowledge regarding your items with our professional knowledge of fair market value. Helpful information about your items such as original purchase price, date of purchase, manufacturer, condition of the item, and style, coupled with our knowledge and experience selling pre-owned furniture, allows us to set the right price for your fine furniture and home décor. Appealing to our customers’ bargain hunting and purchase experiences ensures that your items will sell quickly.

Favorable Consignment Terms

New England Home Furniture Consignment offers many beneficial terms and the following policies are just a few of the many benefits we offer our consigning partners:

  1. Profitable Consignment Split – We offer a 50% split of the final selling price.
  2. 120 Day Consignment Period – Although most items will sell within the first month, we provide you with a lengthy time period to get your items sold for those pieces that may take longer to find the right buyer.
  3. No Limit on Amount of Items – Most consignment stores limit the amount of items you may bring in a season but our policy is to allow one item or your whole house!
  4. Convenient Pick-Up Service – For larger furniture items you will not have to arrange a delivery with an expensive moving company to transport your items to our showroom because we provide this handy service in house.
  5. Drop & Run Program – Drop off your home décor any time during regular business hours and we will process your consignments at another point in the day so you will never have to wait.
  6. Appropriate & Profitable Pricing – We know the value of pre-owned furniture and can get you a fair price for your items. Our customers know that our original price is the right price, not an over-inflated price that has been determined with the expectation that an item will only sell after a few months after it is marked down to clearance. This policy allows you to count on your items to be sold within a reasonable amount of time.
  7. Fast payments! – You can expect your earnings every month because we won’t make you wait until the end of your consignment period to get paid. Checks are available on the 5th of the month following the sale of your items. If you are choosing NEHFC store credit, you may redeem it at any time as soon as your item as sold.

Now is the time to consign! The hassle of a hosting a garage sale that will solicit low offers and only bring you a few shoppers for a limited amount of time, the fact that you cannot guarantee fair value for your items and are at risk at receiving minimal profits through auctions, along with the dangers of having strangers in your home when you post classified ads, are just a few reasons why NEHFC is the best solution to sell your furniture and home décor. Our spacious, beautiful showroom offers prime visibility and exposure, and our unbeatable customer service and fabulous prices guarantee a great experience with New England Home Furniture Consignment.

Selling on consignment with New England Home Furniture Consignment is a perfect way to sell your furniture and it is environmentally friendly. Our customers are motivated to shop with us because of your great items combined with our ability to professionally display your merchandise, convenient pick-up and delivery options and great location. Without hesitation, we guarantee that NEHFC will maximize your profits far larger than you would be able to achieve through alternative sales methods. Reclaim your time for things you love and forget about the hassles and worries over classified ads, fraudsters, scam artists, and no-shows. Let us handle the work for you today… because we do love it!

Interested in consigning with NEHFC? For more details about consigning with us please refer to our Consignment Terms & Process.